Satta Massagana Massive

Anyone who doesn’t know me might not know this, but my girlfriend’s last name is Satta. The significance of that may be lost on the non-reggae-nerd, but in my head the first thing that comes to mind is the classic Jamaican jam called Satta Massagana. Basically, for me to meet a girl named Satta is up there with a barista-geek dating someone whose last name is Espresso. The term Satta Massagana loosely translated means “Give Thanks” in the Ethiopian language of Amharic. The reasons Jamaicans are singing Amharic phrases has to do with their interest in Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selaissie …

roots tradition mix

Roots Tradition was a Jamaican label started by Errol “Don” Mais in the late seventies and centered around artists from Kingston’s Greenwich Farm community, much like Bertram Brown’s Freedom Sounds label. Scientist mixed some of his first A-sides for Roots Tradition, many that also feature members of Roots Radics who would later go on to play on most of Scientist’s later albums. More importantly that all of that is the fact that the label consistently released great music…runnit! Roots Tradition Mix by King Shade on Mixcloud Or download the zip here!

45 rotations-per-dub!

I was making the last mix for the past few days and began to set aside 45s with b-sides that I really like – as most Jamaican 45s have some form of an instrumental on the flip side. When you have a few thousand 45s, that ends up being a lot of instrumentals, so last night I mixed up the short pile I had made over the previous few days. The first and last song are kind of scratchy, but the rest are cool enough, so strap on the ear googles and get lost in this raw mix of dubs… …

rub-a-dub mix vol. 1

If you don’t know, rub-a-dub is the period of music that bridged 70s roots with the more digital dancehall of the late 80s. I had been wanting to make a mix for a while and while pulling records I realized I have a lot of it, so I named this Vol. 1 with the idea that I would make at least another if not a few more to cover all of my favorite rub-a-dub jams. If you would like to read up on this period of music, Beth Lesser has a free e-book available, though you should also purchase her …

summer of ’72

Time machine Saturday with two rolls of film, piles of free beer, and endless sun….