the peckerwood sessions…

One day way back in 1993, I was living in San Francisco and biking around the city. Back then I was really into checking out the dudes selling crap on the street because I was always buying old electronics to fix, break, or just clutter the house. I was on Market Street and there was this sketchy dude selling a bunch of garbage laid out on the sidewalk underneath the 101 overpass that is no longer there. This one particular guy had the word “PECKERWOOD” tattooed all the way across his neck in old english lettering. Of course I asked, “What’s peckerwood mean?” as this was a long time before both peckerwoods and trucker caps became popular. His quick and annoyed answer was, “.. you know… a HICK!”

Peckerwood had this cassette player with a foot pedal to activate it that I paid $4 for. The eject needed power and of course there was no power supply, so it sat around for six months or so until I got around to building one that would work with it. The first thing I did was eject the tape and pop it into my stereo and for the next 60 minutes my small mind was blown. On the cassette was the voice of a 53-year-old man from North Beach explaining all his sexual conquests into a voice recorder. No idea how a guys sexual diaries ended up on Market Street under Peckerwoods care, but they did. I was telling a friend about it recently and decided to try and edit them down to the good stuff. Unfortunately it’s all good stuff, so I just picked what I really liked and made this cut. It’ll be interesting to see how far into the nine minutes you can make it, and if you’re at work, you might not want to press play as it’s definitely not safe for work unless you work in a sex shop, and even still the creep factor might be a little high.